Why Buy TacBook?

Why Buy TacBook?

Reasons You Need the TacBook in Your Arsenal

The #1 Quick-Reference Guide for Law Enforcement

The TacBook is the best quick-reference guide for law enforcement in the US. This pocket-sized guide is jammed full of over 124 pages of helpful LEO information, including:

• Vehicle Codes

• Penal Codes

• Health and Safety Codes

• Radio Codes

• Field Sobriety Tests

• Burglary/Robbery Response

• Drug Information

• Sex Crimes

• Traffic Collisions

• Spanish Translations

• CPR and First Aid

• Terrorism

• Awareness

• Weapons

• Juveniles

• Case Law

• Legal Terms

• And More!

The TacBook is the best quick-reference guide for law enforcement in the US
All orders will be the newest, 4th edition!

Ready for the Field

The TacBook is ready to go along with you into the fray. It’s completely weatherproof, meaning you can use it come rain or shine. The tear-proof paper ensures it’ll survive harsh treatment and color-coded materials ensure you can find what you need quickly in any condition. The Tacbook was created in collaboration with police trainers who are familiar with the demands of the field, meaning it will stand up to practically anything. This means you’ll always have it ready to help you control scenes and, most importantly, keep yourself and bystanders safe.

Specific To Your State

The TacBook has editions specific to several US states, including:

• Texas

• California

• New York


• Wisconsin

• Florida

• New Jersey

• Colorado

• And Illinois

Since the TacBook is state-specific, you won’t have to worry about digging through information that isn’t relevant to your standard procedures. You’ll only have laws and regulations for the state you operate in. If you’re an officer in one of the states listed above, check out the TacBook today!

There are several versions of the TacBook relevant to different US states

The TacBook was created with the goal of helping officers find essential laws, codes and procedures. It is extremely handy to have on scene. With a range of color-coded information ranging from radio codes to case law, the TacBook is the perfect pocket companion for any active LEO. Order your TacBook from TacBook USA today!