The Latest Edition of Our Popular California TacBook

The Perfect Guide for California LEO

California Police Officers and Deputies –  This new quick-reference field guide is for you! The TacBook is the first pocket-sized, durable, and comprehensive field guide designed by police trainers specifically for law enforcement professionals. The TacBook contains essential laws, codes, and procedures. The material is color-coded and categorized so officers can quickly find the information they need in the field. When officers have the information they need within reach, they can be more efficient with operations and maintain better control of scenes. This can promote the most important factor in law enforcement: officer safety. In addition to the vital criminal, vehicle, and drug laws, the TacBook also includes functional diagrams, case law, radio codes, investigative procedures, CPR / First Aid, and common Spanish phrases.

The California Field-Ready TacBook is Weatherproof, Tear-Proof, Writable, and Loaded with All the Essential Information You Need, Including:

• Vehicle Codes

• Penal Codes

• Health and Safety Codes

• Radio Codes

• Field Sobriety Tests

• Burglary/Robbery Response

• Drug Information

• Sex Crimes

• Traffic Collisions

• Spanish Translation

• CPR and First Aid

• Terrorism Awareness

• Weapons

• Juveniles

• Case Law

• Legal Terms

• 124+ Pages

• And More!

The California TacBook is the best resource for California law enforcement in the field. Filled with rules, regulations, and processes specific to the Golden State, this pocket guide will quickly prove to be indispensable once added to a first responder’s repertoire. Order your California TacBook for yourself or your department today!