Drawing from extensive experience in business management and creative design, Iris Mahanty is responsible for editing, organization and print specifications for TacBook. The New York TacBook is largely a product of Iris’ diligent research, organization skill and attention to detail.    She is also a dedicated TacBook representative; should you contact TacBook USA, she is … Continue reading "IRIS MAHANTY"
Cops have to carry a lot of equipment in the field. We cannot afford to carry unnecessary or burdensome items on patrol. The market is full of gadgets and contraptions invented by someone who may not even work in the public safety industry. Yet, these things do not last long because public safety personnel have … Continue reading "POCKET SIZE POWER TOOL"
In our line of work, having timely and accurate information is critical. It seems every cop has a ticket book stuffed with cheat sheets or that classic copy of selected vehicle codes taped to the posse box. Before TacBook, I have yet to see a comprehensive field guide, combining the many topics we so commonly … Continue reading "TACBOOK 3RD EDITION"
With thousands of Vehicle Codes, Health and Safety Codes and Penal Codes, patrol officers must be able to access an enormous amount of information at a moment’s notice. I work in a very busy city. I am continuously measuring the priority of handling calls for service, submitting reports, conducting follow-up investigations and proactively initiating contacts. … Continue reading "ONE IN THE CHAMBER"
When it comes to tactics, efficiency is key. As a USMC veteran, former EMT and current law enforcement officer, I have routinely required field notebooks, cheat sheets and quick-reference guides to be efficient in operations. In my duties as police officer, I have found a lot of great resources, but not one comprehensive field guide. … Continue reading "MY STORY"